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CHICAGO, IL. (May 1, 2012)—VaultWorthy, a secure online document storage platform is designed to organize and protect critical documents while allowing trusted advisors including family members, accountants and attorneys access to documents when needed.

VaultWorthy stores valuable documents including, but not limited to estate and insurance policies, investment records, tax returns, medical history, banking information and other essential planning documents in a secure online filing cabinet.

Documents are stored using 256-bit AES encryption with high redundancy across multiple physical locations in Tier 3 data center facilities. VaultWorthy also performs frequent audits and has additional enhanced security provisions to ensure the highest protection of its users sensitive documents.

The user-friendly platform, created by 30-year-old entrepreneur Christopher Jensen, was designed to provide individuals global access to their most important documents as an alternative to a traditional safe deposit box.

“VaultWorthy provides users peace of mind that ones most important documents are in one secure and organized location accessible from anywhere at anytime”. “Allowing users to identify trusted advisors and loved ones that can access documents now or in times of need provides a succession feature that is unique to the space,” said Jensen.

He created VaultWorthy in an effort to minimize search time across multiple computers, email accounts, and filing cabinets while preserving his most important documents. Users can upload up to 50 documents to their VaultWorthy account for a monthly subscription of $12.95 and can provide access to as many as five VaultTrustees. The first month trial is free. Each user has a unique VaultWorthy e-mail address that can be used to forward documents to their vault, or instruct their accountant, attorney or financial planner to do so.

Jensen, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, is a principal at Anderson Pacific Corporation, a Chicago-based private investment firm focused in the telecommunication, media and SasS industries. He developed VaultWorthy in partnership with SproutBox, LLC, a Bloomington, Indiana-based software development fund.

VaultWorthy, established in 2012, is a secure online document storage platform for critical documents.

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