Founded and wholly owned by Kenneth D. Anderson, CEO, an industry leader with more than four decades of experience in equity transactions, Anderson Pacific Capital is comprised of a team of internal and external innovative professionals with in-depth knowledge in: private equity, venture capital, management, accounting, and law. While APC participates in non-telecom industry transactions, the firm’s primary focus is within media and telecommunications. APC organizes transactions in the fields of:

  • Cable television systems
  • Local exchange carriers
  • Cellular service providers
  • Regional fiber-optic companies
  • FCC spectrum licenses
  • Competitive local exchange carriers
  • Prepaid long-distance services
  • Data centers (retail & wholesale)
  • Machine to machine monitoring

Anderson Pacific

  • Determines opportunities.
  • Assists in developing business plans.
  • Invests its own time and capital.
  • Raises additional equity and debt from experienced sources.
  • Remains actively involved in ongoing operations and management.