Anderson Pacific Capital leads investor groups in partnership with strong management teams to acquire and/or form companies in the media and telecommunications industries.

A representative sample of recent holdings and projects associated with Anderson Pacific Capital include:

OMEGA WIRELESS, LLC: Omega Wireless is a limited liability company established to bid on wireless spectrum in the 600MHz FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction. The 600MHz spectrum is the last block of available low-band spectrum and a key piece of infrastructure needed for the rollout of 5G wireless services. Omega Wireless:

• backed an experienced management team with significant prior knowledge of bidding in FCC spectrum auctions.
• maintained a disciplined approach to win bids at attractive prices.
• Acquired 119 licenses for a total price of $131 million in 83 unique markets across the United States.

DIRECTECH, LLC: In 2016, DirectTech acquired an outmoded midwestern Yellow Pages firm and transformed the company into:

• online publishing
• active indoor digital billboard investor with ownership in several companies and partnership with enterprising entrepreneurs

CITYFRONT PARTNERS, LLC: Cityfront Partners provides senior and mezzanine debt to companies that have products or services in industries in APC’s areas of expertise, including:

• Flexible terms
• Investment sizes of $500,000 to $3 million

COLOHUB, LLC: ColoHub is a state of the art data center developed by Geneseo Communications, Inc., an Illinois local exchange company. APC was advisor to ColoHub for strategy, sales, and planning. ColoHub is

• Located in the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois.
• Includes 20,000 sq. ft. of existing space; 35,000 of space for future expansion; 6MW.
• Is Positioned on a robust fiber optic route.

CYPRESS CELLULAR, LP: Formed to compete in FCC Auction 97 (AWS-3), Cypress Cellular:

• Won 40 licenses for a total of $5.2 million POPs in
• Is the 5th largest paired license holder, 8th by MHz-POPs
• Placed 1,831 bids on 277 different markets
• Successfully won licenses at 1/3 comparable average prices
• Signed contract with Verizon Wireless for sale of all licenses. Sale set to close in Q1 2020

DIGITAL CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC: Located at 725 S. Wells St in downtown Chicago, Digital Capital Partners offers wholesale data center space to its customers in flexible configurations. The 55,000-sf facility has robust connectivity, abundant power, and heavy floor loading.

• Operates in a supply constrained downtown Chicago market.
• Is on the major fiber optic network (F-Ring) with ultra-low latency to other major downtown data center facilities.
• Successful sale of assets in Q3 2018.

FBL GROUP, LLC: FBL GROUP, the successor to the valuable regional fiber optic network, FiberLink, LLC, was sold to Zayo Group, LLC. in 2013.  Since that sale, FBL Group has gone on to make other profitable telecom industry investments.

iVELOZITY, LLC: i-Velozity is a leading integrated video company that provides networks for content delivery using its own proprietary software which allow cable and telephone companies to supply video on demand services to customers. The firm has:

• Offices in the US with engineering teams in India.
• Grown its customer base and revenues since 2014.
• Strategic partnership agreements with Vubiquity, National Cable TV Coop, Arris, Tivo, and others.
• Successful merger into a cable industry set-top box manufacturer, Evolution.

NEUTRAL PATH COMMUNICATIONS, LLC: Neutral Path Communications delivers carrier neutral transport solutions, including high-capacity, dark fiber, low latency wavelengths, Ethernet, carrier hotel, cross connect and related services to local, national, and global broadband providers and enterprise network operators. In mid-2018 Neutral Path was successfully sold to the largest owner of fiber optic routes in the United States.

• Regional wholesale fiber transport provider
• Successfully sold to Zayo Group in late 2018

FIBERLINK, LLC: In 2004, APC along with Pinpoint Communications Inc., led the acquisition out of bankruptcy of a robust fiber optic route with plant extending from Denver to Chicago and Chicago to New Orleans.

• Fiber Link was successfully sold to Zayo Holding Group Inc.

ADPATH TELEVISION NETWORK, LLC: Along with business partners, APC explored the development of a unique service to sell, deliver and insert advertising spots in unused channels on local cable television systems. The project did not launch and was disbanded in 2000.

ALPINE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC.: This consortium of 13 Iowa independent telephone companies acquired five telephone exchanges in a contiguous area of Northeast Iowa from U.S. West Communications, Inc. in 1997. The company served over 7,000 access line customers and over 1,000 cable television subscribers in addition to owning 700MHz Spectrum.

DIRECT BROADCAST SATELLITE PARTNERSHIP: APC was instrumental in developing a unique partnership arrangement with Direct TV, the world’s largest provider of DBS video services-to greatly expand the service territories served by APC’s cable TV affiliate that successfully combined the benefits of DBS with that of local cable.