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FiberLink, LLC

FiberLink Signs Deal with Cleversafe to become Dispersed Storage Provider

Chicago, January 2006

FiberLink, LLC announced today it has inked a deal with Chicago-based Cleversafe Inc., to become a founding partner in Cleversafe’s Dispersed Storage Provider (DSP) program. The Program is focused on building the first truly dispersed storage grid in the world through the cooperation of multiple hosting service and access providers.

Cleversafe is an Open Source community committed to storing the world’s data. “Cleversafe was established by a group of people who wanted to create a better way to store data by eliminating the reliability and security limitations of existing data storage methods,” said Chris Gladwin President and CEO of Cleversafe. “We decided to open source our Dispersed Storage software in order to generate broad, global support.”

Instead of storing a copy or multiple copies of data, Cleversafe Information Dispersal works by breaking data up into small pieces, then storing each of these pieces separately. These Information Dispersal Algorithms also are able to perfectly recreate the original data with any majority of the data slices.

Slicing data into small subsets before transmission or storage, www.Cleversafe.org has made transmission and storage become more private and secure, and special algorithms on these data slices ensure that all the data can be perfectly created with any majority of the slices, making it reliable. The software is available under the GPL Open Source license to enable easy, universal access to this innovative technology.

“Through this partnership FiberLink positions itself at the forefront of innovation in the data storage industry” said Kenneth D. Anderson, Chairman of FiberLink.

FiberLink, LLC was formed in 2004 and acquired over 72 strands on 1,160 miles of fiber optic transmission assets extending from downtown Chicago to downtown Denver, connecting such population centers as Davenport/Moline, Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln, St. Louis ans Memphis. FiberLink is currently owned by three independent telephone exchange companies and Anderson Pacific Corporation, a Chicago private investment firm with extensive rural telecommunications holdings. FiberLink’s corporate and sales office is in Chicago, IL and its operations and administration office is in Cambridge, NE.


Christopher J. Jensen
Director of Business Development
FiberLink, LLC
875 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3100
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Email: chris@andersonpacific.com

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