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FiberLink, LLC

Record Year for FiberLink in 2008

Chicago, IL
December 2008

FiberLink, LLC announced the successful completion of eight transactions with major new users of its dark fiber assets during its fourth year of operations in 2008.

FiberLink sells dark fiber or provides connectivity services to telecommunications providers such as local telephone exchange companies, cable TV companies, ISP’s, wireless carriers and large business users. These eight transactions bring FiberLink’s client list to 25 major telecom company customers contracted to use FiberLink facilities.

During 2008, FiberLink completed a transaction with a major worldwide internet content provider, a cellular telephone company, and regional fiber services companies, among others. FiberLink provides ongoing operations and maintenance services for those clients and provides collocation space along with its fiber optic transmission lines. FiberLink is currently in active discussions with other prospective dark fiber users and has plans to expand into the data center business in 2009.

“2008 was our most active year and continues our trend of closing more transactions each succeeding year since our inception” said FiberLink President, J. Richard Shoemaker.

FiberLink, LLC was formed in 2004 and acquired over 72 strands on 1,160 miles of fiber optic transmission assets extending from downtown Chicago to downtown Denver, connecting such population centers as Des Moines and Omaha. FiberLink later completed a swap with 360networks, Inc that expanded its routes from Chicago to New Orleans, through St. Louis and Memphis.

FiberLink is owned by three independent telephone exchange companies and Anderson Pacific Corporation, a Chicago private investment firm with various rural telecommunications holdings. FiberLink’s corporate and sales office is in Chicago, IL and its sales, operations, and administration offices are in Omaha and Cambridge, NE.


Christopher J. Jensen
Director of Business Development
FiberLink, LLC

875 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3100
Chicago, Illinois 60611
312.602.5488 chris@andersonpacific.com

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