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Anderson Pacific Capital, LLC begins 2024 with Ten Companies in Portfolio

Chicago, Illinois, January 2, 2024.

Since the late 80’s Anderson Pacific Capital, LLC has organized investment partnerships along with other private equity firms, family offices and high net worth individuals. Its current active involvements are:

Canopy Cellular, LLC: Canopy owns 43 FCC spectrum licenses in various US markets for the 600 MHz frequency band. It acquired these rights for $227m at the FCC auction that concluded March 2020.

Cherry Wireless, LLC: Cherry owns 234 FCC spectrum licenses for the 3.45 MHz frequency band in the US. It acquired these rights for $234m in the FCC auction that concluded in January 2022.

Cityfront Partners, LLC: Cityfront has made numerous small investments in media and telecom companies. It currently owns an equity interest in a firm that owns robust fiber optic lines in and around the largest data center complex in the world outside Washington, DC.

Directech Capital Partners, LLC: Began in 2016, Directech currently has investments in two companies in the ad supported indoor digital sign business, both of whom specialize in forming partnerships with local newspapers, telecom providers, and radio stations.

DC Mining, LLC: Formed in April 2022, DCM provides data center hosting infrastructure and services to the crypto mining sector using portable data center modules.

Evergreen Digital Media, Inc: EDM, though it’s a wholly-owned subsidiary, N-Compass TV, Inc., is a pioneer in the ad-supported indoor digital billboard industry. APC has invested in EDM since 2010. EDM sells its proprietary software and services thru a local dealership network it formed that has grown to 100 dealers in 34 states and Canada.

Hancock Ventures, LLC: Hancock was started in 2010 and has made small investments directly or indirectly in approximately 100 early-stage software, media, or technology companies.

Monarch Wireless, LLC: Monarch owns 175 FCC spectrum licenses in the US in the mmWave frequency band. It acquired these for $39m in the FCC auction that concluded in March 2020.

Omega Wireless, LLC: Omega owns 119 FCC spectrum licenses in US markets in the 600 MHz frequency band. It acquired these for $131m in the FCC suction that concluded in April 2017.

Tier One Media, LLC: Tier One is an ad-supported outdoor billboard company in South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Its primary markets are Pensacola, Montgomery, and Mobile. Formed in 2020, Tier One has 25 exclusive government granted sign locations consisting of 47 ad faces.

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