Anderson Pacific Capital (APC) is a Chicago-based private investment firm specializing in the media and telecommunications industry.

The firm was founded by Kenneth D. Anderson, an industry leader and principal in equity transactions for more than 40 years. Anderson is assisted by a team of inside and outside professionals with extensive experience in private equity, venture capital, management, accounting, and law.

While participants in several non-telecom industry transactions in the past, the firm’s primary experience is in media and telecommunications and has organized transactions in the areas of:

  • Local exchange carriers
  • Cable television systems
  • Cellular service providers
  • Regional fiber-optic companies
  • FCC spectrum licenses
  • Data centers
  • Ad supported digital signage

    With over 40 years of experience in the organization of private investment business transactions, APC determines opportunities and, typically:

    • Assists in developing business plans
    • Invests its own time and capital
    • Raises additional equity and debt from experienced sources
    • Remains actively involved in ongoing operations and management