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Clark D. Jensen
Near North Partners, LLC
Cell: 239.269.6254
E-mail: clark@nearnorthpartners.com

For Immediate Release:


CHICAGO, Ill. (January 15, 2012)—A group of four telecom and leasing industry professionals have joined to form Near North Partners, LLC to lease mission-critical equipment to emermging technology companies.

The company was created to address the unique financial needs of expanding communication and data services companies that require large capital expenditures to fuel their early-stage growth and profitability.

“We are addressing a niche in the financial services industry that cannot be serviced by commercial banks and public leasing companies,” according to Christopher J. Jensen, a principal at Anderson Pacific Corporation, and a founding member of Near North Partners, LLC. “The experience and entrepreneurial background of the principals of this company have created a unique environment for a streamlined approach to equipment leasing, vital to growing technology companies.”

Emerging technology companies need financial partners who not only understand the capital equipment requirements of the business, but who can respond quickly and creatively to opportunities for growth in the marketplace. Near North Partners is internally financed and has the ability to make quick-response leasing approval decisions not possible in larger financial services companies.

The principals of the company combine more than 125 years of telecommunication, data services, and leasing experience to create a hands-on approach to capital funding requirements for companies that are generally ignored by traditional leasing firms and lending institutions. Each prospective customer of Near North Partners, LLC has access to a partner who has experience specific to their business, and to a partner who has the financial expertise to evaluate their unique business plans.

Near North Partners, LLC is a Chicago-based equipment leasing company, but has long-standing relationships and ownership experience throughout the country in every aspect of the telecommunications industry.

Near North Partners, LLC, established in 2012, is an equipment leasing company serving the capital needs of the telecommunications and data services market. Additional information is available at www.nearnorthpartners.com.


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