Kenneth D. Anderson, CEO of Anderson Pacific Corporation (APC) founded the company in 1978.

Upon graduating from the University of Iowa, he began his business career performing mergers and acquisitions of cable television and broadcasting properties for a boutique investment banking firm based in Chicago.

In the early 1980s, Anderson became a principal in the cable television industry. A successor company to these efforts, Combined Cable Corporation, grew to more than 30,000 subscribers upon its successful sale.

Since then, Anderson has owned-and subsequently sold-other successful rural telecommunications properties. In the late 80′s he broadened his investment focus to include beverage bottling and distribution, general merchandise distribution, golf course ownership, and venture capital investing.

Since the mid 1990’s, Anderson has partnered with multiple   telephone exchange companies, new entities that invest in cable television systems, local telephone exchanges, cellular telephone companies, communication towers, wireless spectrum, SAAS products, video transmission, regional fiber optic networks and others.

Anderson is currently an investor, board member and involved in the management and operations of several companies that make up the APC portfolio.

Christopher J. Jensen, is the Managing Partner of Anderson Pacific Corporation (APC).

Christopher is an operator; investor and entrepreneur focused primarily on telecommunications infrastructure and software related ventures. He has operated or co-founded numerous successful ventures including a regional fiber optic network acquired by Zayo Group in 2013, a 700MHz spectrum holding company acquired by T-Mobile in 2014 and a retail data center company acquired by Lightower in 2015.

He is also active in the Midwest technology start-up scene as an advisor and angel investor in local VC funds and directly into companies. He is on the Board of Directors of Hyde Park Angels and is directly or indirectly invested in numerous local start-ups as an angel investor.

Additionally, Jensen is a co-founder and Board Member of Cypress Cellular, LP, Digital Capital Partners, LLC, Near North Partners, LLC, Cityfront Partners, LLC, Hancock Ventures, LLC, FBL Group, LLC and Director of Corporate Development for Neutral Path Communications, LLC. Christopher is also an active member in the Illinois Venture Capital Association.