Anderson Pacific Corporation leads investor groups in partnership with strong management teams to acquire companies predominantly in telecommunications and media.

This page describes the projects currently associated with Anderson Pacific Corporation.
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  • Cityfront Partners, LLC

    Cityfront Partners provides senior and mezzanine debt to companies that have products or services similar to those of APC’s other investments.

    • Investment sizes 500,000 to $2 million.
    • Flexible terms.
    • Current payment stream.
  • Colohub

    ColoHub, LLC

    ColoHub is a new state of the art data center developed by Geneseo Communications, Inc., an Illinois local exchange company. APC was advisor to ColoHub for strategy, sales and planning.

    • Located in the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois.
    • 20,000 sq. ft. of existing space; 35,000 of space for future expansion; 6MW.
    • Positioned on robust fiber optic route.
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  • Cypress Cellular

    Cypress Cellular, LP

    Formed to compete in the AWS-3 of spectrum auction conducted by Federal Communications Commission, Cypress Cellular won 40 licenses for a total of 5.2 million in 2015.

    • Winner of 40 licenses purchased with $13.6MM.
    • 6th largest paired license holder, 9th by MHz-POPs.
    • Cost basis of 26¢ per MHz-POP; 2nd lowest among top 10 paired holders.
    • Placed 1,831 bids on 277 different licenses.
    • Action average $2.71 per MHz-POP for paired spectrum; 72¢ for markets comparable to Cypress’.
  • BlockShopper

    Digital Capital Partners, LLC

    Located at 725 S. Wells St in downtown Chicago, Digital Capital Partners offers wholesale data center space to its customers in flexible configurations. The 55,000 sf facility has robust connectivity, abundant power and heavy floor loading.

    • Operating in a supply constrained downtown Chicago market.
    • On the major fiber optic network (F- Ring) with ultra-low latency to other major downtown data center facilities.
    • Customizable suites with N or N+1 configurations.
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  • FBL Group, LLC

    The successor to successful regional fiber optic network, Fiber Link, LLC, that was
    sold to Zayo Group, Inc. in 2013, FBL Group owns an interest in recently completed
    regional fiber route from Atlanta to Miami. It also owns a significant interest in a
    downtown Chicago data center.

  • iVelozity

    iVelozity, LLC

    iVZ is a content delivery network using its proprietary software to allow local
    cable and telephone companies to provide video on demand services to their

    • offices in the US with engineering teams in India.
    • active customers and revenues since 2014.
    • Strategic partnership agreements with Vubiquity, National Cable TV Coop, Arris, Tivo; and others.
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  • Neutral Path Communications, LLC

    Neutral Path Communications, LLC

    Neutral Path Communications delivers carrier neutral transport solutions, including high-capacity dark fiber, low latency wavelengths, Ethernet, carrier hotel, cross connect and related services to local, national, and global broadband providers and enterprise network operators. Neutral Path’s underground backbone network spans over 1,300 route miles and over 110,000 fiber miles between key aggregation points in Denver, Omaha and Minneapolis. With relentless focus on route mile efficiency, minimal splice loss and low latency fiber, Neutral Path consistently meets and exceeds the network performance requirements of our customers and end-users, which include: regional fiber transport and transit providers, Tier 1 wireless service providers, local service providers, enterprise business networks, datacenter operators, government network operators and mission critical power generation and transport providers.

Anderson Pacific Corporation leads investor groups in partnerships with strong management teams who acquire companies predominantly in telecommunications and media.View our current holdings

  • Adpath Television Network, LLC

    APC, with partners, explored the development of a unique service to sell, deliver and insert advertising spots in unused channels on local cable television systems that was never launched and disbanded in 2000.

  • Alpine Communications, L.C.

    This consortium of 13 Iowa independent telephone companies acquired five telephone exchanges in a contiguous area of Northeast Iowa from US West Communications, Inc. in 1997. This company served over 7,000 access line customers and over 1,000 cable television subscribers in addition to owning
    700MHz Spectrum.

  • Direct Broadcast Satellite Partnership

    APC was instrumental in developing a unique partnership arrangement with Direct TV-the world’s largest provider of DBS video services-to greatly expand the service territories served by APC’s cable TV affiliate that successfully combined the benefits of DBS with that of local cable.

  • Fiberlink, LLC

    This company formed by APC and Pinpoint Holdings, Inc. in 2003 to acquire a regional fiber optic route in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy auction. Fiber assets located from Chicago to Denver, FiberLink was successfully sold to Zayo Group, Inc. in October, 2013.

  • i700, LLC

    This group formed by APC in 2008 to bid on spectrum licenses in the 700 MHz spectrum auctions conducted by the FCC. i700 won 8 licenses covering 2 million PoP’s. The licenses were eventually sold to AT&T & T-Mobile.

  • Illinet Communications of Central Illinois, L.L.C.

    A telephone consortium put together by APC was made up of an entity controlled by APC and 11 Illinois independent companies each of whom committed from $200,000 to $356,000 of equity capital per unit. Illinet was formed in January, 1995 and owns a 9,500-subscriber group of cable systems in Central Illinois.

  • Illinet Communications of Central Illinois, LLC

    A telephone consortium, put together by APC and eleven Illinois independent companies, was formed in 1995 and owned a 10,000 subscriber group of cable systems in Central Illinois that was sold in 2000.

  • Galaxy American Communications, L.L.C.

    This cable TV company, with over 30,000 subscribers, was formed by Galaxy Telecom, LP and two entities controlled by APC in 1998 by combining certain rural cable systems owned by three entities in the Midwest.

  • Great States News Group, LLC

    Founded in 2003, GSN acquires groups of local media outlets to consolidate operations and boost profitability. The first acquisition was a group of local weekly newspapers surrounding Champaign, IL, which resulted in a 12% growth in annual revenues which was eventually sold to the regional daily newspaper in the area.

    • APC provides management expertise, and investors previously affiliated with APC transactions provide capital
    • APC will invest in unique media opportunities in niche markets and exploit these opportunities with a strong web presence
  • Mobile Telephone, LLC

    With a local independent telephone exchange carrier in Nebraska, APC contributed the PCS license it holds via a transaction it entered into with US West to develop an operating wireless and data service between Omaha and Denver. The licenses were sold back to US West predecessor at a profit.

  • Ready Mobile , LLC

    APC assisted the management founders of this prepaid wireless telephone service with strategic advice and capital formation. A preceding company, Dynamic Telecard LLC, in conjunction with the same team, was successfully sold in 2005.

    • Is a national distribution network of nearly 10,000 retail locations.
    • Sales grew from $1 million to $25 million in three years
    • Sold in 2005 to NASDAQ company for a return to investors at over 20-times their investment
    • Dynamic Telecard’s management team is rolling out a new MVNO product to market wireless telephony services, Ready Mobile.
  • TelePartners, LLC

    This company was formed in 1998 by APC and four independent telephone companies. It owned over 20,000 cable TV subscribers it acquired from five entities in multiple Iowa and Nebraska communities between Sioux City and Omaha.

  • Telephone Acquisition Group, LLC (TAG)

    APC was involved in the organization of 65 independent telephone companies to acquire 300,000 access line telephone exchanges from GTE Iowa. The group raised over $900 million in capital commitments from some of the largest financial institutions in the United States, but was unsuccessful in acquiring this opportunity at auction.

  • Telnet Communications, L.C.

    This company, formed in 1994 and sold in 2003, was owned by 19 Iowa independent telephone companies and an affiliate of APC. It owned over 7,000 cable TV subscribers in cable systems in Iowa.

  • Towers, LLC

    APC brought together eight individual investors to fund the acquisition of over 20 communications towers along the interstate highway system in South Carolina that was successfully sold to American Tower Corporation in 1999.